Parents Recital Survival Guide

This year our annual recital will be held in the New Bedford High School Auditorium. It is MANDATORY that all the students attend both REHEARSALS AND both PERFORMANCES! THERE IS NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED IN THIS AUDITORIUM! There will be a table available in the lobby to place drinks there while you are viewing the rehearsal and performances.

Note to Parents: End of year envelope and wristbands are given only to those families who have their account balance paid in full. You will not be allowed to enter the venue if you have an outstanding balance on your account!! Please make sure all accounts are settled in advance and paid in full before arrival to the rehearsals!

EARRINGS: I am allowing the use of competition stud earrings to be worn by students in the recital. Earrings are $10 cash and quantities are limited. Purchase your pair today while supplies last. Hoops and other earrings are not allowed as they are a safety issue. Our 2019 Recital T-shirts are available to order! All sizes from child through adult. These T-Shirts are allowed to be worn during our Rehearsals and Recitals to cover costumes (or just for fun!)

Rehearsal: Thursday, June 27 2019 (5:00 PROMPT)

Doors open up at 4:30 SHARP (student arrival time!) Please be prompt. All the students will be dancing and therefore must wear proper dance attire that they would wear to dance class. All students must arrive in either a Dance Xtreme shirt (any color) or 2019 Recital Shirt. The rehearsals are restricted to the students and ONE parent only. Rehearsals are closed to outsiders (including siblings and friends). No one else will be allowed into the auditorium… The parent must wear the PURPLE parent wristband provided in your envelope.

Dress Rehearsal: Friday June 28th 2019 (5:00 PROMPT)

Doors open up at 4:30 SHARP (student arrival time!) One parents and the student will receive wristbands in your envelope to allow them to enter the night of dress rehearsal. Wristbands are for ONE parent and Dance Xtreme students only. NO additional wristbands will be issued for Friday dress rehearsal. If there is a hardship, please speak with the desk. Anyone additional needing to enter the auditorium will have to pay a $20 (cash only) recital viewing charge. Prior arrangements must be made before June 22nd, 2019. The parent must wear the RED parent wristband provided in your envelope. All students are expected to have their costumes, tights, shoes, hair and make-up prepared for Dress Rehearsal as well as performances. Please have your child arrive with hair and make-up done. Dress rehearsal night only, students may chance in their dressing room areas and then sit in the auditorium to view the rest of the rehearsal. Students remaining in the building must wear either a Dance Xtreme shirt or our 2019 Recital T-Shirt.

Performance Night: Saturday, June 29th 2019 (5:00 SHOWTIME)

Please arrive by 4:00 on the night of the performances! Students that take part in the first half of the show are called early to go backstage. No one is allowed backstage except the student. One parent is given BLUE wristband to allow them to enter and sit the dressing room area only. Please use the correct color for each particular performance. Stay in the dressing room area until your child is called to go backstage. At this time, if you have purchased a ticket you may return to the auditorium to watch the dance and then return backstage to get your child when they are done. Students entering the auditorium to view the recital, must either change out of their costume or must wear a cover-up (i.e. 2019 Recital T-Shirt) over their costume before entering the auditorium!

Performance: Sunday, June 30th 2019 (12:00 SHOWTIME / PERFORMANCE IS RECORDED)

Please arrive by 11:00 on the day of the performance. Sunday performance is run exactly like the Saturday performance. One parent is given a GREEN wristband to allow them to enter and exit the dressing room area only. It is general admission during the Sunday performance. Seating is on a first come basis. Make arrangements to ensure you have a seat available for your return into the auditorium.

RECITAL NOTE TO PARENTS: Anyone (including students) wishing to view the performance must purchase a ticket. No one will be allowed into the auditorium (for any reason) without purchasing a ticket!

Video and picture taking is allowed during DRESS REHEARSAL NIGHTS ONLY. It is strictly prohibited to take PICTURES or RECORDINGS DURING THE PERFORMANCE ON RECITAL NIGHTS. All electronic devices will be confiscated and returned to you at the end of the program (this includes cell phones, cameras, or any other recording devices). Performance Video is recording during the Sunday Matinee on June 30. DVD’s are available to purchase through the studio. DVD’s are $30. BLUE RAY is $40. Order forms are available starting June 1, 2019.

MAKEUP: Apply make-up generously. Use dark Brown eye shadow and a Dark. Red/Wine lipstick and blush (not pink!!). Please heavily apply WINGED EYELINER AND MASCARA to accentuate the eyes. Hair is pulled back to the top/crown of the head and worn in a bun or a high pint tail, unless specified otherwise. The hair elastic should be close to the color of the students hair! Bobby pin hair heavily and use lots of hairspray. NO Nail Polish! French Manicure is allowed. Don’t forget students’ are allowed to wear competition stud earrings for recital! Supply is limited. Make sure your child has the correct color and style of shoe or sneaker for their dance!!

TIGHTS: All female students need to wear a pair of dancers tights for the recital. The dancers tights will be given out to you the week of picture day. Xtra tights are available to purchase for $12 at the desk. If your child’s class has elected to wear a different color or style of tights and is in more than one class, you are obligated to purchase the additional pair of tights.

BODYLINERS: I have body liners with clear straps available in children and adult sizes, supply is limited. Tights should be the only undergarment that students should be wearing under their costume. Nude or skin tone bras may be worn so long as they are not visible out of the costume and have clear straps.

Please take this opportunity to make sure you have all your questions answered and that your child has everything you need for picture day, dress rehearsals, and recitals. Please be considerate and get all of your questions answered now. Make sure to PIN or SEW ALL COSTUMES SECURELY before they go on stage. If a costume includes a hat, be sure to ATTACH CLEAR ELASTIC to hold is sturdy on top of the head and bobby pin it heavily. Bobby pin all headbands securely.

Erin Montella