Recital Check List

  • I am allowing the use of competition stud earrings to be worn by all students in the recital. Earrings are available at the desk or in the lobby, quantities are limited. Hoop and other earrings will not be allowed.

  • No nail polish, French Manicure ONLY!

  • Costumes, shoes, accessories, dance bag, tights, etc.

  • Hair and make-up completed! Bring extra for touch ups. Use Brown/Neutral tones for stage make-ups. As heavy and dark as possible. Accentuate the students’ eyes. Dark Red/Wine lips and cheeks. Mascara and Winged Eye Liner are a must! Make-ups Kits are available at the desk or in the lobby.

  • No underwear except nude colored body liner w/clear straps. Children and adult sizes available.

  • Bring bobby pings and safety pins, just in case! Sewing kit or needle and thread is also a good idea.

  • DO NOT bring money, electronics, or any other valuables to the rehearsals, recitals, in the auditorium and dressing room area. DO NOT leave anything of value including purses in the dressing room area. Dance Xtreme is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or money!

  • Arrive on time! For security reasons all students must wear either a Dance Xtreme shirt (any color), or A DANCE XTREME 2019 RECITAL T-SHIRT. Recital shirts are available at the desk or in the lobby.

  • Don’t forget your wristbands for rehearsal, dress rehearsal, and recitals. You will not be allowed into New Bedford High School and/or backstage without them!

  • Monitor your children in and out of the auditorium area and while in the dressing room area!

  • The dressing room area are very small and we need to be considerate of others. It helps if items are removed and put away immediately after your child has finished dancing. Keep children occupied backstage with quiet activities and board games.

  • Please help anyone in need. That includes students and parents! It helps things run smoother.

  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM or LITTLE THEATRE DRESSING AREA! You may bring water but it must remain outside the auditorium or backstage in the dressing room area!

  • Please make sure little ones use the bathroom before they are called to go on stage! They get very nervous!

  • BE READY TO GO WHEN YOUR DANCE IS CALLED! We line up at least 8 numbers ahead!

  • Clean up after yourselves. We want to be able to return next year. Make sure you have all of your belongings including shoes, costume parts, etc.

  • Ticket Table has additional tights, earrings, medical necessities, odds and ends in case of emergencies! Speak with someone at the Ticket Table if you need anything.

  • NOTE: Do not bother Miss Erin or her staff when they are directing numbers at the front of the auditorium. Their attention needs to be on the stage. Please see anyone at the Ticket Table with all questions.

  • Break A Leg!

I hope these reminders assist you and your child in having a very fun recital experience!

Miss Erin & The Dance Xtreme Staff

Erin Montella